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What is offset printing?
It's the process whereby photographic quality can be printed on paper & board and also on some non- absorbent surfaces.
Where is this offset process used?
Anything that is to be printed on paper having excellent quality and for bulk quantity, offset process can be used.
What type of jobs can be printed by offset process?
For small quantities is it advisable to go for offset process?
For a bigger size job which is more than A3 open, if copies are more than 250-300 offset process is recommended.
How to print very less quantity, having small size but with good quality?
For such type of jobs Digital printing as well as Screen printing is recommended.
Where does Digital printing play its niche role?
For printing small quantity as well as for variable printing & instant printing, digital process plays a niche role.
What is variable printing?
When each sheet printed, differs from the other sheet, it is called variable or personalized printing. eg., mobile bill, electricity bill etc.
How is instant printing possible by digital process?
Digital machines are operated by the click of a button if softcopy is to be printed in printable format.
Which are the printable formats?
PDF is the most commonly used printable format for Digital printing.
How can non-absorbent surface be printed with offset quality result?
Nowadays UV offset printing process is widely used for printing on non-absorbent surfaces.
What is UV offset printing?
In this process special UV inks are used which can be dried under UV rays for which special UV lamps are used. In this process one can print on MET PET laminated paper, PVC, PP material etc. where offset type quality can be achieved.
What type of jobs can be printed by UV process?
eg. plastic debit & credit cards, plastic playing cards etc.
What is Screen Printing & where can it be used?
Screen printing is used for very small quantity & where offset type quality is not required.
eg. visiting cards, letter heads ,small stationery items etc.
How are boxes /cartons to be printed?
Boxes/cartons are printed by offset and UV offset process.
What is the smallest quantity required for printing of cartons by offset process?
The cost of carton is inversely proportional to its quantity. Small quantity can also be printed by offset process, but the cost factor will be on the higher side.
What is "GSM" of paper?
"GSM" means weight of paper per square metre.
What is page Composition?
Page composition is the act of laying out the text of your book in design software to create the final file of your book. This process is sometimes called typesetting or interior page layout.
How do I send you my Artwork files?
You can use our FTP site to submit the files. (A username and password will be created for you upon request when you open an account.)
What quantity range can you handle?
Jasmine Art Printers can produce quantities from 1 to over 100,000
What Binding options do you provide?
We offer the following:
- Perfect Binding
- Case Binding
- Saddle Stitching
- Spiral and Wire-O
How closer are you to the Sea Port of Mumbai?
We are approx. an hour away from the JNPT Sea Port of Mumbai