At Jasmine Art Printers Pvt. Ltd. we set the bar quite high for quality. We apply quality measures for each and every process classified under pre-press, press and post-press stages. This is what enables our customers to enjoy high quality printing services without any scope for error.

At pre-press stage:

  • Usage of the CTP of Violet process wherein we check all the digital files for printable formats through GMG software which performs quality checks for resolution, trapping, RGB/CMYK images, bleeds etc.
  • Digital proofing on an EPSON 9800 which is calibrated with our offset machines
  • Provide contract proofing to our customers so that they can see for themselves the results of offset quality.
  • Our workflow is capable of performing impositions and ripping, accurate to the job requirement which leaves no room for error at the printing stage.
  • The plates which we use for reproduction are of high quality; they produce finer dots for complex images.

At press stage:

  • We take great care to assure the authenticity of four colour and special colour by spectrophotometer. This device helps in achieving the correct shade for Panton colours and maintains correct colour density.
  • We also perform rub test after the printing process to check for any peel-off of ink from substrate. The same test is done for coating.
  • Besides the above, constant monitoring of running sheets is done by skilled Supervisors and Press Operators to maintain consistency of print results.

At post-press stage:

  • We have implemented automation at each and every stage after printing to avoid manual intervention and hence minimizing the scope for error.
  • A group of special-experience staff is employed to check quality online for each and every activity till the dispatch stage.
  • We have all necessary equipment for quality check at post-press level like electronic calliper, GSM tester, viscosity meter, glossometer, humidity tester, Ph. tester etc.

Standard Operating Procedures across all stages:

  • All activities of production are constantly reviewed and recorded at WIP and FG stage till the final dispatch.
  • We have an elaborate MIS system in place where all the processes are systematically laid down beforehand to avoid any miscommunication during the process.